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We supply helpful, durable, high-quality products suitable for a wide range of activities, from industrial to DIY applications, ensuring all the requirements of our clients are met.

In 2000, SEDA Invest debuted as a commercial and industrial equipment supplier, on a highly competitive market, climbing its way up among the top 3 best distributors in the industry at national level.

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Growth. Innovation. Mission

Along 22 years of activity, we have opened three factories in which we manufacture abrasives and protective equipment of the highest standards, while also developing a national distribution network, with 9 subsidiaries and over 230 employees, also being present in the Republic of Moldova through an authorized distributor.

Our mission

Our vision is to become the broadest distribution company for industrial and construction supplies, by commercializing qualitative products, thus contributing to the development of a competitive and sustainable business environment.


The parent-company, SEDA Invest, is divided into 4 sub-brands

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projects since 2000.

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Concentrated plumber caulking bath tube with silicone glue using cartridge in bathroom
Man in a blue shirt does window installation. Using a mounting foam.

About Blue Square

BLUE SQUARE comprises a variety of professional sealants, such as silicone, polyurethane foam and professional adhesives; packing/masking tape and double-sided tape.

The BLUE SQUARE sealants have excellent adhesion to glass, ceramics, metals, painted wood, covered surfaces and most plastic objects/surfaces.

Multiple Utility

The BLUE SQUARE professional sealants and adhesives are easy to use and suitable for a wide range of applications, from home to industrial use.


Our professional sealants are composed of strong and efficient formulas, which ensure quality results and exceptional resistance over time.

About Yellow Square

YELLOW SQUARE was created with the intent of locally promoting personal protective gloves providing high-degree safety, at an optimal price-performance ratio.

This brand’s selection of protective gloves is divided into various categories, in accordance to the materials they are made of and the field in which they are destined to be utilized.

Newest Technology

YELLOW SQUARE constantly adapts to the newest technologies in terms of fiber utilization and permeation with various natural or synthetic rubbers.

Certified Protection

Manufactured and commercialized in accordance to the requirements of European standards and policies for protection, being classified under a variety of categories, according to their functionality and destined use.

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Safety Gloves Wearing
bearded worker in protective googles and gloves using machine saw at sawmill
Close up of a set of wood drills on a work table of a joiner in a workshop.
Bolts and nuts on the wooden table
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Mechanic looking in tool box at the repair garage

About Gray Square

GRAY SQUARE was created in order to supply our clients with an an accessible, qualitative and complete range of fasteners, cutting tools and hand tools.

The fastener product range includes: threaded rods, screws, nuts, washers, dowels, anchors, self-drilling screws and sanitary fixing kits.

Complete Range

Gray Square offers the complete range of products for successful projects, containing every essential item needed for an expert’s toolbox, from a wide range of fasteners and cutting tools, to simple trimming and measuring tools.

Quality Materials

The products commercialized under this brand are manufactured using top-quality materials, resulting in a great price-performance ratio and heightened usability even for heavy duty projects.

About Red Square

RED SQUARE offers a complete range of high-performance abrasive products, destined for any abrasive application — from the industrial sphere, to the general, less experienced user.

The RED SQUARE abrasive discs can be utilized in various professional fields, for the cutting and deburring of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as construction materials.

Production Units

Three own production units: two for abrasive discs, and one for protection equipment

National Distribution Network

Comprise 9 subsidiaries: Brașov, Bucharest, Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, Suceava, Constanța, Craiova, Baia Mare, Focșani).

Manufacture Worker Welding Metal With Sparks at Factory
Locksmith in special clothes and goggles works in production. Metal processing with angle grinder. Sparks in metalworking.
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+ 5000
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+ 30 mil.
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Business partners shaking hands

Suppliers and Partnerships

We engage in commercial relations with partners around the world, with suppliers both in the European Union and outside the EU.

A particularly constructive relationship, created on the basis of fairness and trust, exists with suppliers from Asia, in countries such as China, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Additionally, we work with suppliers capable of providing products which can satisfy even the most particular requests when it comes to technical specifications, usage conditions and the materials used for the manufacturing process.



The products distributed or manufactured in our own production units, in Brașov and Cluj-Napoca, are promptly delivered to over 5000 clients, to the sale points or directly to factories and construction sites.

We cater to:

  1. Retail – stores or chain stores, warehouses and regional distributors;
  2. Industry –, we cater towards multinational companies, as well as medium-sized companies, belonging to Romanian entrepreneurs;
  3. „Do-It-Yourself” stores.
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